Gerhard Stäbler

EPL1501 „Die Skizze“ for Trumpet (2013)

EPL1502 „RUMOR“ for eight Voices (2013)

EPL1503 „Messenger of Spring“ for electric Violin (2013)

EPL1504 „… etwas näher dem Herzen der Schöpfung …“ for two Percussionists and Cello (2013)

EPL1505 „] said“ for Piano, electronic sounds und projected photographs from Kunsu Shim (2013)

EPL1506 „Blindflug“ for Voice (2012)

EPL1507 „Change!“ for Performer (2013)

EPL1508 „Hyacinth – liquids.scents“ for 1-3 Performers (1997)

EPL1509 „Black Tiger Tango“ for Accordion (2006)

EPL1509-2 „Black Tiger Tango (plus)“ for Accordion and Viola (2011)

EPL1510 „Fallzeit“ for Percussion (1997)

EPL1511 „Enjoy!“ for Clarinet (2013)

EPL1512 „Scheibenformen“ for Horn (2013)

EPL1513 „Kókkola“ for Speaker and Toy Piano (2013)

EPL1514 „Vogel als…“ for String Orchestra (2014)

EPL1515 „Aufmerken“ for Ensemble (2014)

EPL1516 „Prophezeihung und Abschied“ for String Trio (2014)

EPL1517 „Golder Than Gold“ for Ensemble (free instrumentation) (2007)

EPL1518 „Kreuzungen / erhärten“ for Oboe (2012)

EPL1519 „] Dawn with arms of roses“ for String Quartett, Percussion and Choir (2015)

EPL1520 „Bruchstück“ for Soprano (2015)

*EPL1521 „Krusten / Crusts“ for Cello (1998)

EPL1522 „pas’p’pasp’pas“ for Guitar and Percussion (2015)

EPL1523 „STEPS“ for Piano (2003)

EPL1524 „X – für Verschlüsse“ for 4 players (1994)

EPL 1525 „Sappho Gesänge“ for Choir (2015)

EPL 1526 „VERRUFENE STELLE und PROPHEZEIUNG“ for Piano (2014/16)

EPL 1527 „Ausgewilderte Farben“ Concerto for Orchestra (2016)

EPL 1528 „Stillschreiend anders,“ for two guitars (2017)

EPL 1529 „SIMON“ Music theater for soprano, tenor, violin / elektric violin, percussion, elektronics and video (2013)
Libretto von Christopher Grøndahl
Übersetzung von Hermann Schneider

EPL 1530 „Letzte Dinge“ concertante for soprano, tenor, baritone, aktionschor, percussion and tape (2017)

Abel Paúl

EPL1001  „el pliegue de las cosas“ for Trumpet (2010)

EPL1002 „el lugar callado“ for Flute and Percussion (2012)

EPL1003 „fragmentos del vértigo“ for Ensemble (2006/07)

EPL1004 „Wrong Answers to Robert B’s Wrong Question“ for Metal Sheet (2012/13)

EPL1005 „La voz detrás“ for Harp (2012)

EPL1006 „00°33’45”N 00°45’33”W“ for Piano and Record Players (2012)

EPL1007 „El límite de las palabras“ for Soprano, Baritone and Percussion (2009)

EPL1008 „Linea de vacío“ for Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Violin and Cello (2010)

EPL1009 „Todo lo que no“ for six Percussionists

EPL1010 „Finger Scenes“ for Piano (2010)

EPL1011 „Word On Words No Words“ for Orchestra (2013)

EPL1012 „A Life at the Radio’s Threshold“ for Ensemble (2014)

EPL1013 „Geografía del pliegue“ for Saxophone, Piano and Percussion (2014)

EPL1014 „Huella y horizonte“ for Tenor Saxophone, 5 Percussionists and Elektronics (2015)

EPL1015 „Piel y distancia“ for String Trio and Electronics (2016)

EPL1016 „Isla y continente“ for 2 Percussionists (2016)

Arne Sanders

EPL1101  „Tre Canti“ for Alto Saxophone, Harp, Piano and Percussion (2010)

EPL1103 „Tre Canti II“ version for Clarinette , Harp, Piano and Perc. (2010)

EPL1105 „Tre Canti III“ Version for Clarinette, Piano and Percussion (2012)

EPL1102 „ETYM“ for Bass Clarinette (2007)

EPL1104  „Lokalkolorit“ für Cello, Accordion and Piano (2001)

EPL1106 „George Henry and Elizabeth Henry and Henry Henry“ for Marimba (2011/12)

EPL1107 „Farrenkräuter Feuer“ for Piano (2005)

EPL1108  „Anderswo / Mehrere Wodkaflaschen“ for Bass Clarinette, Cello, Harp, Piano and Percussion (2006)

EPL1109  „anfár“ for two Trumpets and Trombone (2013)

EPL1110  „Ndama“ for Recorder and Percussion (2012)

EPL1111  „Caches Fleuries“ for Recorder Quartet (2010)

EPL1112  „Intrada (Terzo Spazio)“ for String Trio (2011)

EPL1119 „Etudy“ for Accordion (2007)

EPL1120 „Etym II“ for Accordion and Clarinet (2008)

EPL1121 „Etym IIa“ for Accordion and Viola (2008)

EPL1122 „Etym IIb“ for Accordion and Bass Flute (2008)

EPL1123 „Invocatio“ for Soprano and Viola (2014/15)

EPL1124 „šēru“ for Piccolo Flute or Garklein Recorder (2015)

EPL1126 „Das Ander Lied“ for Soprana and Recorder (2014)

EPL1126-2 „Das Ander Lied“ for Soprano and Bass Flute (2014)

EPL1127 „šēru IIa“ for Trumpet, Trombone, Cello, Guitar, Piano and Percussion(2015)

EPL1128 „Due Canti di Ungaretti“ for Soprano and Bass Flute (2016)

EPL1129 „ETYM III“ for Soprano and Soprano Saxphone (2016)

Sebastian Elikowski-Winkler

EPL1201 „Lautspur“ for Clarinette and Piano (2010)

EPL1202 „postskriptum“ for Horn (2006)

EPL1203 „de mortuis nil nisi bene“ for Viola and Tape (2004)

EPL1204 „Darum:“ for String Trio (2007)

EPL1205 „de mortuis nil nisi bene“ Version for Violin und Tape (2004)

EPL1206 „Torpor III“ for Violin (2012)

EPL1207 „L’Homme sans Appartenance“ for Harp (2012)

EPL1211 „Sinfonia“ for Organ and Tape (2010)

EPL1215 „faux amis“ for Piano and Percussion (2012)

EPL1216 „termini spezzati“ for Recorder (2013)

EPL1217 „bimbom“ for two Cowbells and Tape (2013)

EPL1218 „ISCHA (Epilog)“ for Bass Clarinet and Accordion (2013)

EPL1219 „Honestly begin to fall“ for Piano (2012)

EPL1220 „Tropfblut“ for Male Choir (2009)

EPL1221 „L’Homme sans Appartenance“ for Percussion (2009)

EPL1222 „Notturno / Moskau“ for Recorder Quartett (2008)

EPL1223 „a quattro“ for Ensemble (2012)

EPL1224 „Novembertage“ for low Female Voice and Piano (2012)

EPL1229 „spiwy“ for Accordion und Tape (2010)

EPL1236 „ISCHA“ for Accordion and Recorder (2011)

EPL1242 „Hudźba myslow (w pjeć sadźbach)“ for Piano Quintet (2013)

EPL1244 „[…] Bis als letzter der Zeugen das Gedächtnis verstummt.“ for Voice, Clarinet, Cello and Vibraphone (2007)

EPL1254 „wjelika śma“ for Chamber Orchestra (2014)

EPL1255 „[…] kształty z krwi i snów, dźwięki, pragnienie, pot“ for Horn and Violin (2014)

EPL1256 „[…] weder die luftart, noch das werkzeug, dessen sich die herren zu ihrem experimente bedient hatten, war ihm bekannt“ for Bass Recorder and Aerophon/Organ (2014)

EPL1261 „L’Homme sans appartenance III“ for Clarinet (2014)

EPL1279 „…le réveil d’une ambition ancienne“ for Violin, Cello and Piano (2014)

EPL1290 „Zeitenwende“ for Cello and Elektronics (2006)

EPL1293 „Sternörter“ for Piano(2015)

EPL1295 „Strukturwandel“ for Accordion, Piano and Tape (2015)

EPL1296 „kanto(rka)“ for Soprano und Elektronics (2015)

Eres Holz

EPL1301  „MACH“ for Trumpet (2011)

EPL1302 „Sich einstellender Sinn“ for Mezzo Soprano, Keyboard and Live Electronics (2011) Text: Asmus Trautsch

EPL1303 „Weiße Wunden“ for three Trumpets and Video (2008)

EPL1304 „MACH“ for Piano (2012)

EPL1305 „Trällernde Erinnerung“ for Flute, Clarinet, Viola, Piano and Percussion (2010)

Cecilia Arditto

EPL1401 „Música invisible para flauta – Libro primero“ for Flute (2002)

EPL1402 „Música invisible para flauta y bailarina“ for Flute and Dancer (2003)

EPL1403 „Música invisible – Libro segundo, #1 and 2“ for Oboe/English Horn (2004)

EPL1404 „Música invisible – Libro tercero, #1“ for two half clarinets (2004)

EPL1405 „Música invisible – Libro cuarto, #1, 2 and 3“ for Trumpet in Bb / Flugelhorn (2005)

EPL1406 „Música invisible – Libro quinto, #1, 2 and 3“ for Cello (2008)

EPL1408 „Life on Mars“ for Clarinet, Accordion and Cello (2016)

EPL1409 „I Love You“ for Flute, Guitar and Tape (2016)

Kunsu Shim

EPL 1601 „33 Things“ for Piano (2007)

EPL 1602 „aus freien Stücken“ for three Performers (2015)

EPL 1603 „Luftrand“ for String Trio (2000)

EPL 1604 „Entwurf einer Landschaft“ for four Strings (2014)

EPL 1605 „A Point in Space“ for Soprano and Ensemble (2011)

Georgia Koumará

EPL 1701 „Unbewusste Spiele“ for String Quartet (2015)

EPL 1702 „I Dreamed a Dream That Wasn’t Mine“ for Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Violin, Viola and Cello (2016)

EPL 1703 „Down the Rabbit Hole“ for String Quartet (2013)

EPL 1704 „Walk In and Find Your Supper“ Music Theater for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Cello and Performer (2016)