December 2017

Welcome to the final Edition Plante newsletter of the year, thanks for all your support in 2017! We’re pleased to be able to announce some newly published works as well as keep you up to date with upcoming concerts. For more news, follow us on facebook or twitter!

Nathan Plante


GERHARD STÄBLER: “Stillschreiend anders” (2017) for guitar duo

This new work was written for the guitar duo steuber.öllinger (Johannes Öllinger and Martin Steuber, pictured right), who premiered the piece last November in Leipzig, before performances in Bamberg and Herrsching.


CECILIA ARDITTO: “Life on Mars” (2016) for clarinet, accordion and cello

“Life on Mars is a trip between tonality and micro-tonality. When zooming in from a scale to a single tone and within that single tone to a micro-tone scale, our perception moves progressively deeper and deeper into the sound. Imagine that the perception of tones and micro-tones resembles observing Mars from Earth while getting increasingly closer to it’s surface; after a while our eyes can’t embrace the whole planet anymore, only the small details.”



»Sich einstellender Sinn« for mezzo soprano (or countertenor), keyboard and live electronics
by Eres Holz

Claudia van Hasselt, voice
Seiko Itoh, keyboards
Eres Holz, electronics

Musikbrauerei Berlin

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»A guide to flute multiphonics«

Check out Helen Bledsoe’s useful chart for when composers should write multiphonics for flute: “Multiphonics, yes or no. A flowchart”

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