May 2017

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Nathan Plante


GEORGIA KOUMARÁ: „Walk in and find your supper!“, music theatre for four musicians and actor

„The inspiration for this music theatre piece came from a children’s game named ‘Huckle Buckle Beanstalk’, also known as ‘Hide the Object’ or ‘Hide the Key’, which involves the hiding and seeking of an object. The seeker must leave the designated game area while the other participants hide a small object, then after calling him, the seeker comes and attempts to find the object.“



MAY 9th 2017

MACH for trumpet
by Eres Holz

Marcus Schwind, trumpet
with Ensemble Ascolta

Stuttgart Theaterhaus

MAY 15th 2017

»Felicja Blumenthal Music Festival«

MACH for piano
by Eres Holz

Einav Yarden, piano

Tel Aviv Museum

MAY 23rd 2017


]said for piano and projected images (world premiere)
by Gerhard Stäbler

Martin Tchiba, piano
Kunsu Shim, images

Burkardushaus Würzburg

MAY 30th 2017

»Unerhörte Musik«

ETYM III for accordion and saxophone (world premiere)
by Arne Sanders

LUX:NM Ensemble

BKA Theater, Berlin

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»10 Female Composers You Should Know«

… and their clarinet pieces, including our very own Georgia Koumará, on Heather Roche’s blog.

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Damir Bacikin’s fantastic new recording of Eres Holz’s MACH for solo trumpet!